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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Living Healthy and Long Life with Organic Foods

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Health-Net: Fruits and vegetables have good benefits for the healthy body. However, it later began to emerge a problem because the content of chemicals in fertilizers and pest sprayers that attach to the fruit or vegetables is bad for health.

Now that organic food is present as a solution. Fruits and vegetables grown without synthetic fertilizers. According to academics, organic foods can lose weight; make the body more healthy, and longevity.

As quoted from page Daily Mail on Saturday May 21, 2011, organic fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients, including secondary metabolites and vitamin C. Secondary metabolites serve to boost the immune system and protects the body from free radicals that can damage cells.

Research from The Newcastle University shows this finding has a good effect against breast cancer programs nationally. Organic food is considered able to improve general health, and then effectively encourage burning of fat in the body.

Organic foods contain phonemics, tannins, lavaboes, arytenoids and reservation that serve as a fat burner and is said to help prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

As an average, healthy habits are able to extend the life span of up to 25 days for males and 17 days for women. However, according to some researchers, if we are lucky to live many months longer until it reaches 5 years thanks to eating organic foods.

Organic food contains 12 percent metabolite of vitamin C and 6 percent higher. In addition to health benefits, organic fruits and vegetables are also environmentally friendly and maintain the survival of animals and other wild animals.

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