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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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How to prevent engorgement while breastfeeding

Health Net: Become a matter of course when a mother's breasts become larger and heavier when in lactation, because milk production would generally tend to increase. But the problem, sometimes it can be transformed into the fullness of swollen and feels very hard and painful.

In these conditions, swelling of the breast is usually accompanied by mild fever and even infection. Swelling generally occurs during the third to fifth day after delivery, but can also occur at any time.
  • Therefore, it is important to try to prevent it before it actually happened. Here are some simple tips to prevent breast engorgement, as quoted sites, one part of the United States Department of Health, which focuses on women's health services:
  • Frequent breast feeding after delivery. Let the baby suckle as long as he likes, as long as your baby is breastfeeding well and sucking effectively. In the first weeks after birth, you have to wake your baby to feed after four hours since the beginning of last feeding.
  • Cooperate or lactation consultant for help to improve the way nursing.
  • Breastfeeding more frequently in breast milk painful to remove. In order to keep the breast to move freely and to prevent any breast is too full.
  • Avoid excessive use of the dot, and use the bottle to help the process of breastfeeding.
  • Hold the breast with a gentle hand and was pumping a little milk to soften the breast, areola (the dark area around the nipple), and nipple before breastfeeding.
  • Gently massage the breast.
  • Use cold water compresses in between feedings to help ease the pain.
  • If you have to work, try to pump breast milk on the same schedule when you give milk at home, or you can pump at least every four hours.
  • Enough rest, proper nutrition, and inadequate fluid needs.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and use a bra that is too tight.
How to prevent engorgement while breastfeeding
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Tai Chi exercises are very beneficial for heart health

Health Net: Heart health researchers found that the ancient Chinese exercise called Tai Chi is beneficial to protect your heart. Tai Chi exercise using flowing movements and circular, sometimes devote the balance of the body on one leg and a lot of deep breathing. The goal of  Tai Chi is a 100 motion causes the body to relax both physically and mentally.

Tai Chi exercise has been around since 2,000 years ago. Although it looks like a little exercise, sport was developed in China as a martial art. Legend has it that a Chinese monk makes this technique by watching a deadly dance between the snake and crane.

The researchers found that Tai Chi helps chronic heart disease patients to improve their quality of life, improve your mood and give you the confidence to try other sports.

The researchers studied 100 patients of chronic heart failure. 50 people in them are required to follow the Tai Chi classes 2 times a week for 3 months. The remaining 50 were asked to follow the teaching in the classroom about heart health.

We know that chronic heart failure is a chronic progressive disease but no cure. Patients often suffer from time to time with symptoms such as difficult to exercise, shortness of breath and decreased quality of life. If we can make patients feel better and improve the overall welfare, health impact will be quite significant, said Dr. Gloria Yeh of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston as reported VOAnews, Tuesday April 10, 2012.
Tai Chi exercises
This study found no difference between the two groups when asked to walk for 6 minutes. However, Tai Chi group burned more calories while participating in extra physical activity. Previous research has also shown that Tai Chi helps reduce the symptoms of other diseases like high blood pressure, fibromyalgia and stress.

The study, published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that Tai Chi makes heart desease patients feel better, more confident and make a lifestyle far more active.

Another study found that Tai Chi helps improve bone density, lowers blood pressure and boost the immune system. Physical benefits typically associated with a more robust physical exercise. In addition, patients who do Tai Chi are more obedient to the Tai Chi training schedule so that it more time to exercise.

One of the most important things in any workout is compliance. Compliance is also one of the components of Tai Chi is the most valuable, said Dr. Yeh.

Tai Chi is done through slow movements with breathing techniques and focusing the mind creates a calming effect, but refreshing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

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Prolonged stress can cause diarrhea

Health Net: Diarrhea can indeed be caused by various factors ranging from ourselves or the environment. But without realizing that ongoing stress can also make people turned out to be diarrhea.

It may just happen and sometimes people call the nervous stomach. Nervous stomach is the source of a disturbance in the stomach which can be caused by stress or nervousness.

Stress is owned by someone will trigger some chemicals such as serotonin, which affects the brain when you're anxious and could alter the movement of the bowel so that the trigger diarrhea, as quoted by CNN on Monday November 21, 2011.

In addition, when people stress the brain will release more acid into the stomach. This is what affects a disturbance in the stomach such as stomach pain, stomach feels sore to cause diarrhea.

When someone can not manage the stress they face, then this will induce the occurrence of diarrhea in which stool becomes more liquid and loss of body fluids.

If not handled properly then the body will lose a lot of fluid that can lead to dehydration. The danger of dehydration can cause kidney failure and neurological damage.

Because of that stress must be managed properly to prevent more serious health problems. One way you can do is find a way to relax the self can be through yoga, meditation, listening to music or watch something funny. Techniques that do involve cognitive behavioral and relaxation.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is done to change the stress and thought provoking, while directed relaxation techniques to calm your body and gut as well as positive thoughts.

The most common cause of diarrhea is caused by microorganisms that can be caused by parasites or bacteria, and this condition is normal attack most individuals with a variety of reasons.

Prolonged stress can cause diarrhea

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