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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jogging is Good for Your Heart

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benefits of jogging
Health-Net: Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Large selection of exercise, start a cheap, such as brisk walking, to train in the gym prestigious body. However, before you exercise, of course must consider the condition of the body first.

one sport that could do a lot of people are jogging. Jogging is a physically active sport such as small run with the speed of 6-7 miles per hour. the advantages of jogging can be done alone or together with friends and family to add to the spirit.

Of course you have to use running shoes good for feet. Because of the reduced impact of rubber elasticity is less good for health.

For people who have problems with knee pain, exercise is also good jog done. But, says Michael, jogging should be done with proper rules, namely the interval 2.5 minutes brisk walking, then jogging a half minutes, and repeated constantly to do it regularly.

No need to fill out a lot of pocket because it can be done anywhere. If you want to do jogging in the room, should in large areas. Jogging in a grassy field is better because it is not hard compared to knee collision on the pavement.

Benefits of jogging is good for the heart, in addition to brisk walking. Because the two sports are more moving parts of the thigh and leg. Running is not recommended because it will burden the heart. By moving the thigh and leg, making the heart load is reduced.

Narrowing of blood vessels in the feet and legs thanks to the jog becomes widened. Covered by the fat into the open, and there is formation of new blood vessels, so blood flow or cardiac performance to be smooth.

Heart enlargement may appear in excessive exercise. Cardiac enlargement is often not show any meaningful even though the complaint. If you are an active lifestyle and regular exercise are still no problem. This is problematic if in the future, you stop exercising altogether. As a result, an enlarged heart would give a problem.

Therefore, before starting any exercise, Michael asks that you calculate the pulse in the hand or neck. The heart weighed down or not, still must be monitored, namely with the regularity of the pulse. And heart rate monitol=false

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