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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Physical Benefits of Backwards Running

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Health-Net: Last year, fans of jogging in the UK who follow the trend jogging without shoes. Running barefoot is believed to burn more calories and more healthy for the foot. However, this year hit the UK turn to backwards running.

According to Karl Twomey marathon runner, backwards running more secure and comfortable for the knee. The balance, vision, and hearing as well honed and sharpened by running backwards, said Twomey who often ran backward, as quoted by the Daily Mail on Monday May 23, 2011.

Backwards running was not a new activity. Activity is already known since the 1970s. When doctors recommend that athletes who suffered injuries to running back. Since then, ran back into the training of boxers and hockey athletes. backwards running is also good for restoring knee and back pain injuries.

The University of Oregon study, the United States, the survey ran back only 80 percent take rate of ran speed  forward to get the same results, either for fitness or for mental health.

An other study at the University Stellenbocsh, South Africa, shows ran back to the blood vessel circulation, burn more fat and who do so will be more fit.

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