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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5 Benefits of sunbathing that can make you look more beautiful

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Health-Net: Bask in the sun sometimes makes us lazy activity outside the home. In fact, sunlight is very beneficial to increase body metabolism.

According to scientists, the heat can form a proper diet, improve skin beauty, sex drive, and mood. Provided you do not allow yourself to sun-baked, and still maintain the health of your skin with sunblock protection.

Here are 5 benefits of sunbathing that can make you look more beautiful, as reported from YouBeauty:

1. Improve sex drive
During hot weather, in the pineal gland in the brain expends less melatonin, the chemical that helps humans to
Sex hormones and impede sleep.

This was eventually increasing the production of sex hormones. With a good sexual activity, the immune system is awake, even mental well-developed as you will be away from stress.

2. Full sun vitamin
Although exposure to UVB rays can damage DNA and cause pain to the skin, UVB light produces chemical reactions that can trigger the body to produce vitamin D. Research shows that people get more vitamin D during the summer.

With sufficient intake of vitamin D, your body will absorb more calcium and phosphorus from food that can assist in bone growth, immune function, and formation of red blood cells.

However, do not use this as an excuse to forget your sunblock. Because according to the WHO, you just need to sunbathe 5-15 minutes, 2-3 times per week to maintain vitamin D levels in the body.

3. Increase the feeling of happiness
Several studies have shown that serotonin, a hormone. Effect on the feeling of happiness, will increase as people get more sunlight.

A study conducted in 2002 found that people exposed to the ultravioelet have levels of serotonin are more and less melatonin. Respondents also said they feel the balance, less nervous and more confident.

4. Making skin glow
Cold air often makes the skin dry quickly and has irritation. High humidity on the hot weather makes the skin hydrated and shine.

5. Healthier eating habits
According to Drs. Oz, increased hormone serotonin can help you suppress excessive appetite. This is because sunlight
Improve mood and eliminating the desire for chewing when not hungry. Meanwhile, when the cold weather, you will tend to linger with your food that can lead to excessive food.

Moreover, foods that were developed when the summer will be more healthy and fresh. By eating foods that are fresh from fruits and vegetables that have high antioxidant will increase the energy and beauty of skin.

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