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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kidney disorders more deadly If waist too width

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Health-Net: Many of the losses to be borne by the owner of fat body, including in connection with impaired renal function. In obese people with a waist circumference is too large, the risk of death from kidney disorders is relatively higher.

In one study, Dr. Holly Kramer Lolola University Health System studied 5800 patients aged 45 years and above who have a history of impaired renal function. Observations showed that 686 patients or 11.8 percent died within 4 years.

When compared with the height and weight, patients who died had Body Mass Index (BMI) averaged 29.2. Of that number, the patient who died just a little thinner than patients who are alive today who have an average BMI of 30.3.

Both patients who died and survivors, the average BMI was observed both were classified as unhealthy. Quoted from HealthDay om Wednesday July 20, 2011, BMI in the range of 25 to 29.9 are considered overweight or overweight, while BMI of 30 upwards classified as obese.

Although thinner when viewed by IMT, in the study were patients who died had a larger waist circumference than patients who are still alive. This means that patients who die on average had central obesity, the fat in the abdomen alone.

The researchers concluded waist circumference is more accurate than BMI for predicting risk of death in renal impairment. The bigger the waistline, the higher the risk for death, of course, with due regard to other factors.

In conclusion the researchers say women with waist circumference 107.9 cm have a risk of death 2.1 times greater than the owner of 80.01 cm in waist circumference. In men, waist circumference of 121.9 cm increased the risk of death 2.1-fold compared to 93.98 cm.

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