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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Consuming Tomatoes for Low Cholesterol Levels

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Health-Net: Take two ounces of tomato paste and half a liter of tomato juice is able to control cholesterol. Tomato has long been recognized as a complement to a variety of delicious dishes. Not just a flavor enhancer, the fruit is often processed into pasta and pizza toppings also have important for health benefits.

Consuming processed tomatoes regularly can low cholesterol levels. Scientists say, tomatoes have the same efficacy with statins, drugs commonly used chemicals to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Tomatoes cans be a source alternative to overcome the conditions that cans lead to heart problems. Eating two ounces of tomato paste or a pint of tomato juice a day to function as controller of cholesterol Patients.

The secret lies in the level of lycopene compound that gives red color in tomatoes. This compound contains high antioxidants that help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

To obtain the best benefits, eat tomatoes that have been cooked. The body will absorb the lycopene in cooked tomatoes are better than raw tomatoes.

Australian experts analyzed results from 14 international studies on the benefits of lycopene for 55 years. They conclude tomatoes could provide a natural defense to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. The effect is comparable with small doses of stations.

According to study authors, Dr Karin Ried, from The University of Adelaide, a pint of tomato juice or tomato paste 50 grams a day will provide protection against heart disease.

I recommend the tomato paste. These foods rich in lycopene and very easily obtained in everyday foods like pasta and juices.

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