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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Instant Blood Tests for Depression Diagnose

/ On : 11:40 AM
Health-Net: A scientist from Japan has developed a new discovery, namely a simple blood test performed to diagnose brief causes of depression.

Researchers from Keio University in Tokyo have developed a test that can indicate the level of depression by measuring the concentration of phosphoric acid in the blood test.

According to the Human metabolome Technologies (HMT), this new discovery may help increase early detection of depression if done during a routine medical examination.

The relationship between concentrations of phosphoric acid with depression can be confirmed in previous studies. Research conducted by the company and involved 66 people and 31 of which were diagnosed as having depression symptoms.

Results showed that patients who are depressed have ethanolamine phosphate concentration are lower. The success rate of these results reached 82 percent.

In contrast, blood test methods that have recently tested significantly more time consuming because the study also tried to analyze how the DNA of white blood cell eating.

Dr. Yoshiaki Ohashi, Director and Head of Security at HMT, said to the Telegraph on May 24, 2011, these findings will facilitate the diagnosis of biologically conducted to determine the level of depressive patients. We believe this will enable patients to effectively early diagnose depression symptoms.

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