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Friday, April 29, 2011

Heart Attacks in the Morning It's More Deadly

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Health-Net: Risk of death is always high when there was a heart attack. But if it happens in the morning, heart attacks 20 percent higher risk of death compared to trigger heart attacks that occur at other times throughout the day.

Various earlier studies did show that heart attacks are more common in the morning. Even so, no one has compared the risk of death from heart attacks that occur at certain times, including in the morning.

Recently, researchers from the National Center of Cardiovascular Disease in Spain managed to link the risk of death with the timing of a heart attack. Heart attacks that occur between the hours of 6 am until noon most deadly than at any other time.

Increased risk of death in heart attack that occurred in the morning is quite high, namely seitar 20 percent. Allegedly, the trigger is hormonal and metabolic systems are experiencing increased activity on the morning after waking.

Increased blood pressure in the morning is also believed to also influence although this opinion is controversial. For a recent study at Harvard Medical School shows, the human biological clock makes the blood pressure dropped to the lowest point in the morning.

The study involved 811 heart attack patients treated in various hospitals in the city of Madrid, between the years 2003-2009. Quoted from Dailymail on Friday April 29, 2011, most participants experienced myocardial infarction, ie heart attack that triggered a prolonged blockage of blood vessels.

In accordance with previous studies, most of the 269 participants had a heart attack between 6 am to noon. The rest, 240 people experienced between mid day until 6 pm, 161 between 6 pm to midnight and 141 between midnight and 6 am.

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