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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hand washing can prevent the body from infection

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Health Net: Hand washing is very important to prevent the body from infection. Without realizing it many of the disease originated from dirty hands. Even in America, the disease caused no attention to hand hygiene is the cause of death 3.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends to clean hands with soap under running water for 10-20 seconds, and able to clean your hands from dirt. If soap and water are not available, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Whenever, when your hands feel greasy or dirty, get to clean it up. If not, some of these diseases will probably attack you:

Colds, according to the CDC there are about 52 million cases of children exposed to colds due to not pay attention to cleanliness of hands. Some types of viruses and bacteria will survive for 20-21 hours on dirty hands until eventually lead to a cold illness if not cleared.

Children can be affected by colds 6-10 times in one year, and the reason why they are susceptible to this disease because of frequent physical contact with other children, be it on the playground and school. Indeed there is nothing wrong physical contact with other children, but if other kids do not keep clean hands, the easier they are to catching colds.

Therefore, it is important to get children to wash their hands after playing or if you want to eat.

Flu, not much different from the common cold, flu can strike through hand hygiene is not maintained. The CDC reported that about 10-20 percent of Americans have contracted the flu, while in children two to three times more susceptible to flu. The virus causes flu can be transferred through physical contact or air and when you close or physical contact.

Diseases from food, washing one food can cause illness, especially if you carelessly process. Likewise when you have finished cleaning the food, egg raw meat, eggs and others, do not forget to clean your hands so that the resources generated from the disease will not infect your food.

There are approximately 250 kinds of diseases that result from food, one of which E. coli. For that, get used to wash your hands after you wash and process food.

Pets, pets like dogs and cats, can cause various diseases to their owners. Especially in its saliva that contains more than 100 germs. The CDC also found an increase in salmonella infections from pet reptile’s type in children and adults.

Washing your hands is the first step to keep the family from infectious diseases share. Teach the children the habit to always maintain the cleanliness, not only hands but also the body and surrounding environment.

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