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Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to overcome hair loss during pregnancy

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Health NetTreating hair loss while pregnant are generally required vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Loss itself is nothing new here, because quite a lot of hormonal affects that occur in pregnancy. However, hair loss is actually going to get better at 3 months postpartum, because the hormones the body back to normal and levels of estrogen in the body will soon move quickly to stop hair loss.

Even if you can treat hair loss during pregnancy, there are several ways you can do to prevent hair loss.

Consultation with your doctor, check your hormone levels, whether you are likely experiencing severe hair loss?

Do not tie your hair too hard, blow, curl or activities of other salons that can make your hair fall out.

Make sure you wear for hair products that contain Biotin and Silica. Expand eat vitamins like vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and Iron.

In addition, healthy lifestyle is the easiest way to treat hair loss during pregnancy. For example with a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleeps and avoids junk food and chemical based hair care that is too excessive. Sufficient intake of protein, calcium, iodine, magnesium, selenium and iron are very important for your hair.

In addition to diet, massaging the scalp can also treat hair loss during pregnancy. Using aromatherapy oils, treatment can be effective, because it makes the blood stimulated massage to the head, and can stop hair loss. Select also aromatherapy oils to suit your hair type in order to provide maximum results. In addition, you can also try natural materials to massage, such as aloe vera.

The next step in overcoming hair loss during pregnancy is exercise. This activity had a significant role to stop hair loss, because exercise makes smooth blood circulation, and nourish all the body parts. Body condition like this will certainly have positive impact for your hair. Adequate sleep should be taken in order to achieve healthy hair.

The means at the top is not the easiest thing you can do, nor have any side effects. Conversely, businesses cope with hair loss during pregnancy is not only providing health care for the hair, but also for your body.

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