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Friday, October 7, 2011

Cloning human organs is come closer to reality

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Health Net: Engineering stem cell transplant and cloned growing rapidly in the last few years. If the stem cell transplant techniques (stem cell) has several times used in medicine for the treatment of patients, now the use of cloning techniques (twin) organ has come closer to reality. 

Scientists for the first time succeeded in using cloning techniques to create embryonic stem cells grown on human eggs are not fertile. These cloned stem cells as a potential future treatment of diabetes, blindness and other diseases.

As information cloning technique is the technique of non-marital as well as meeting the egg and sperm unite. Cloning technique allows the creation of new stem cells or embryos without the process of such meetings. For easy to imagine as well as graft plants that can grow exactly the same as plants from seed.

Well, this new discovery allows scientists to create important cells of the embryo by taking the parent cell. Stem cells from embryos could be used for the manufacture of cardiac cells that repair heart damage, the cells to insulin for diabetics or cells damaged eyes for the blind.

In this new discovery, scientists used a somatic cell or cells of the human body, called somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), to create stem cells (stem cells) that match the DNA of embryonic patient.

Tues somatic taken are adult skin cells and inserted into a human egg cell. Genetic material was planted during the last 6-12 months early embryos to generate embryonic stem cells would then be used for treatment.

Unlike the Dolly sheep cloning technique in 1996 which abolished the egg nucleus from the egg, this time the egg nucleus in the egg is left fused with skin cells which then grow into an embryo.

In the cloned sheep Dolly in 1996, the body's cells are taken when it is a cell of the nipple the other sheep and put in another sheep egg cell that has abolished the cell nucleus and the embryo developed into the embryo of the dolly sheep.

But scientists from the New York Stem Cell Foundation Laboratory in New York has managed to keep the genetic material of the host egg and simply adding the nucleus from an adult cell.

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