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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lack of vitamin B can cause bad breath

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Health Net: Bad breath disorders may sound trivial but it is quite disturbing. Some things are known as bad breath can cause, one of which was due to deficiency of vitamin B.

Eating chewing gum or using mouthwash only provides a temporary solution, because it does not treat the underlying cause. In addition brushing sometimes not enough.

About 10 percent of cases of bad breath do not come from the mouth, but due to vitamin B deficiency that causes bad breath originating from the stomach, as quoted from Mayoclinic on Saturday October 8, 2011.

Vitamin B complex helps the body make energy from food. When the body lacks this vitamin is the enzyme that is produced to help digest food and reduce bacteria in the blood is reduced.

This condition causes an increase in waste in the blood that lead to bad breath. Symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B complex which include dizziness, migraines and diarrhea.

The same thing also found in the study results Evelyn Roehl researcher who discovered the deficiency of vitamin B3 will cause bad breath due to the reduction of metabolic processes in the body. Generally, adults should consume 14-16 mg of vitamin B3 a day.

In addition to vitamin B deficiency, there are also some other cause such as food (onion, meat, milk, sugar, eggs, coffee and alcohol), smoking, having a dry mouth disorders as well as oral hygiene and bad teeth.

To overcome this problem by extending to drink to prevent dehydration and mouth, avoiding food triggers bad breath, use mouthwash containing folic acid if the bad breath due to inflammation in the gums as well as consult a doctor if bad breath is still arising.

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