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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prostate cancer can strike younger men

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Health-Net: The prostate gland is an organ at the Adam's unique organ that could be said. First because its position is hidden until no easily identified if there is a problem. The second is due to its function as a manufacturer of nutritional fluid for sperm. In men, this gland has been there since infancy, only the most recent one gram size.

In his journey there are three issues that often descend prostate. Namely inflammation, prostitutes or an enlarged prostate gland without the presence of malignancy, and the last is the most feared of prostate cancer. The third problem is not only attacked older adults. Because there are one or two cases where the men of productive age, 25-30 years old, already inflamed. That is when experiencing high stress, such as business career.

In contrast to inflammation in cancer, there is a new cell growth or proliferation of cells that do not correspond to the ideal growth pattern. These cancer cells can then be spread, even into bone cells resulting in bone loss.

Those who have high risk should be aware from the beginning. For instance those who like to consume a high fat, less sunlight, heavy metal exposure, family history and racial factors. There is a hereditary risk factors as much as five percent. While other experts because until now still do not know the exact cause.

When in fact high risk patients who feel the symptoms recognize its symptoms such as frequent night waking to urinate, urinating more than eight times in a day and night, weak urinary stream to wet the tip of a shoe or have to push and not or incomplete urination. Further symptoms can be characterized by sperm or urine, which often mixed with blood, erectile disorders, bone pain caused by cancer cells have spread like the spine and hip bone.

With digital rectal examination. Although it sounds uncomfortable, this is actually an ordinary examination. And it can only be determined in this way because the position of the prostate is much hidden. In addition to digital rectal emotion also confirmed by blood tests with PSA or Prostate Specific Antigen.

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