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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

9 Ways to make your life more happier

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Health-Net: Everyone wants to live happier than ever. As quoted by page Ask Men, here are some ways that can be done so that our lives happier.

1. Having a purpose in life
W. Beran Wolfe, a philosopher said, When you see people living happy, certainly it has a purpose in life. Whether it's building a boat, writing songs, raising children, or gardening. Thought to have a busy, life goals, and committed to running it makes a person happier life.

2. Getaways
Vacationing is one way to escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Relaxation and stress. Returning from vacation, you will definitely come back excited.

3. Having a social activity
By having lots of relatives or friends will bring a positive impact on your life. Maintaining relationships with friends continue to be optimistic, and do other good things, can increase happiness.

4. Starting the hobby
Hobby is an effort to keep your spirit alive. Starting the hobby is also your opportunity to get a friend, also a new social environment.

5. Siesta
Napping helps you to refocus the work and restore the spirit.

6. Taking a break
If you can not nap, trying to do other activities that help you to re-excited, like a walk for a while out of the office, listening to music, meditation, or regulates breathing.

7. Seeing the light
Apparently, the weather can affect a person's mood. Therefore, if your work environment minimal direct sunlight, try out for a while to get sunlight. Enough about 30 minutes, exposure to sunlight helps restore your day.

8. Sex
Sex gives the feeling of happiness and comfort. Doing it regularly will make you establish good communication with your partner.

9. Sport
Whatever the reason, be it to lose weight, fight disease, or just a hobby, which is definitely a workout, your life will be more enjoyable. So, do not hesitate to do it as often as possible.

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