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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lack of drinking water may increase the risk of depression

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Health-Net: Dieting has become a lifestyle of modern society, especially women. Not infrequently, as long as they reduce dietary intake of water in order to quickly get a slim body.

A recent study found, the tendency of depression associated with lack of water. It is mainly found in the diet of women do. Researchers from Tufts University experimented with restricting the water intake on a group of respondents. While the other group was given water as the recommended intake.

From there it is known, the group that the lack of fluid has rapid mood swings, depression and fatigue tended. They also showed signs of excessive anger and more often nervous and confused. Although the main cause is unclear, researchers suspect it is due to decreased ability to think.

According to experts, water is a major component of blood flow that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain. The amount of water needed each individual differently depending on the type of activity, one's physical weight and weather. Generally, each person on average takes 8-9 glasses of water a day.

In another study, the World Health Organization predicts by 2020 depression will become the number one disease in the world. Depression will replace the current killers, namely infectious and cardiovascular diseases.

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