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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brushing teeth can increase the potential for pregnancy

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Health-Net: Oral health is not only important for pregnant women, but also those who are planning a pregnancy. Based on a study in Australia, the oral health of the poor affect the fertilization process.

As quoted by the Times of India, a study to uncover the relationship between oral healths to the level of fertility was conducted on 3737 pregnant women.

Roger Hart, Professor of Reproductive Medicine University of Western, Perth, Australia, said, gum disease or chronic periodontal disease caused by plaque buildup. This condition can lead to hundreds of bacteria trigger infection. The bacteria are prone to spread through the blood vessels into the body, including reproductive organs.

In that study, Hart and his team found that women with gum health disorders on average take more than seven months to get pregnant after marriage. About two months longer than those who do not have gum problems?

Through a study presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Hart advised those who were planning a pregnancy to perform oral and dental care. Do the dental and oral care before conception, he said.

That not only applies to women but also men. Therefore, a disturbance in the tooth or mouth can trigger bacteriospermia, namely the emergence of bacteria in the sperm.

Dental care also needs to be continued during pregnancy for the health of the fetus. Those who have problems with teeth and mouth three times greater risk of premature delivery than those with healthy teeth.

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