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Friday, July 8, 2011

More and more women who experience early menopause

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Health-Net: This disagreeable news reported the Daily Mail on Thursday July 7, 2011. In the UK, the numbers of women who experience early menopause are more and more alone. In the UK the average menopausewoman at age 51 years.

But, now they got faster. They are experiencing menopause aka infertility before age 40 years, the ratio is quite high, i.e. 1 in 20. Whereas in the 1980s the number of those early menopause only 1 percent. This data was obtained from the study at Imperial College London, UK.

Those who experience early menopause are clearly uncomfortable life. Besides having a high risk of heart attacks and strokes, they also threatened to disease of bone.

Who are those who are less fortunate? Rumana Islam and Rufus Cartwright studied 5,000 women who were born in England in 1958. They were questioned about the cause of menopause and also asked about their quality of life.

A total of 7.4 percent reported experiencing menopause before age 40 years. Generally they are a smoker and come from low economic. Women of low economic more numerous, i.e. three time women from upper class.

This study shows that generally those who experience early menopause have a lower quality of life; bodily functions are weak, experiencing mental health problems and general health.

Amounts, as much as 20 percent have undergone ovarian surgery due to no longer function normally after undergoing chemotherapy. And as much as 6 percent of premature menopause with no apparent cause.

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