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Sunday, June 19, 2011

15 Kind of Food that can Cause Obesity

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Health-Net: Here it is 15 kinds of food that can cause obesity. If unable to remove it from the menu, change the type of low calorie and fat-free, or do not eat them too often.

1. Purée
Moreover, if the process using the cream and butter. Imagine 1/2 cup serving contains 200 calories.

2. Candy
In addition to containing the type of bad fats level, sugar content is also very high. Similarly, a type of snacks such as donuts cakes and rolls.

3. Ice cream
Although ecstasy is very inviting, ice cream is a dish that is very high in fat, sugar and calories. So, consider returning to enjoy it if you're dieting

4. Potato chips
This tasty snack is one of the foods most likely to make fat because the salt content is very high. Not to mention the fat and sugar content, so the total calorie high. In addition, potato chips contain a lot of preservatives, artificial flavorings and sweeteners that clearly can be detrimental to health.

5. Processed Meat
Although very practical, hot dogs, sausage and processed meats like, fat are not good. Levels are so high, as much salt they contain.

6. Fried snacks
This type of food is not good for health because it is generally fried in oil that is replaced each time the fry. Also very high fat content and less clean secured if sold on the roadside.

7. Fast food
Among hamburgers, nachos and fries. Very high fat content, as well as the calorie content. While the nutrient content of healthy, almost non-existent.

8. Soft drinks
Though bringing freshness of a moment, these drinks have absolutely no nutritional value. Except, rich in sugar content, sodium, and calories.

9. Cereals
With high carbohydrate content, is increasingly becoming a threat when he met the sweet taste of sugar. This type of food will increase blood sugar levels and cause the body to store fat.

10. Milk
Although calcium is good for the body, the milk has a very high fat content which will add body fat. So, if you want to take the benefits of calcium, replace it by eating fat-free milk or at least the ones that have reduced fat content.

11. Gravy
Carbohidrat fat content and calories as well as high-asthma.

12. Bread
Mainly made from flour that has undergone a refining process, so the high fat and carbohydrate. If you want safe, try to eat wheat bread.

13. Whipped cream
Often used as an ornamental in strawberry juice and salad dressing, all high in fat and calories will be higher when mixed with your healthy diet. Instead, if you're eating healthy foods, no cream or flavored with various toppings.

14. Mayonnaise
Having so many ties of fat in it. So, you should use a little if you want.

15. Instant coffee
Did you know that a cup of instant coffee contains more than 39 fats? Well, if you do not want your body to be fat, carefully calculate how many calories of instant coffee into the body.

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