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Saturday, June 18, 2011

5 Causes Hiccups at the time of eating

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Health-Net: Hiccups can happen at anytime even when someone has just finished eating or drinking. For that to know what causes of hiccups that occur after eating.

Hiccups that occur indicate that the diaphragm the dome-shaped muscle located just below the lungs and is connected to the ribs) move up and down involuntarily. One of the nerves that regulate the movement of the diaphragm is the phrenic nerve.

Hiccups that occur after eating is often associated with food consumed. Some foods known to trigger the hiccups, even if consumed in small quantities. Here are 5 causes hiccups at the time of eating and drinking as quoted from Buzzle on Saturday June 18, 2011:

1. Spicy foods
One common of hiccup causes after eating spicy foods like chili, pepper or curry food. Even a small bite of food that contains lots of peppers can causes hiccups that lasted more than 1 minute.

2. Foods those are hot or cold
Swallowing the food is too hot or cold can cause the diaphragm to contract abnormally, and switch from hot to cold foods or vice versa can also trigger spasms in the diaphragm.

3. Drinking too much alcohol while eating
Some people have a habit of drinking alcohol while eating. If you drink too much alcohol can cause irritation to the nerve that serves to control the diaphragm, this tends to stimulate nerves in the muscle spasms that trigger hiccups.

4. Eating too fast
In the rush hour a person tends to eat in a hurry, giving rise to conditions that are not too good for the diaphragm. This will cause a response unconscious muscle movement and putting too much air trapped in the diaphragm. In addition to consume soda also can trigger a hiccup because of the large air intake.

5. Eating food in excess
Eating a heavy meal or in a large size could be a common causes of hiccups, as can be trapped inside the diaphragm. Quite often people get hiccups after eating if he has a habit of overeating.

Hiccups after eating is usually not a problem that requires medical treatment, generally it will disappear within 1-2 minutes. Consuming enough water is an effective way to stop hiccups and contraction of the diaphragm, and make simple dietary changes.

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