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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Smoking Bans Can trigger Desire To Smoke

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Health-Net: A psychology study by the University of Oxford, England found signs of smoking bans actually increase the desire to suck tobacco. The researchers said their findings this is something ironic, where the objective sign of a smoking ban can trigger desire to smoke.

You'll get the ironic effect when receiving the smoking ban information, said Brian Earp one researcher quoted by the Daily Mail on Friday May 6, 2011. He pointed out, when someone asked do not think about pink elephants, his brain just thinking about pink elephants.

That fact leads to the conclusion that the various health messages such as not taking drugs, do not drink alcohol while driving a car, or do not smoke, it responded negatively. Smoking ban everywhere, and when a smoker saw the sign ban, then increased desire to smoke.

Oxford researchers tested the theory by asking a group of smokers from England and America to see the pictures, including pictures prohibited smoking. Researchers also asked another group to do the same, but they were not shown pictures of smoking bans.

They are given a stick that can be directed to the front and back. Directions to the front means desire, and direction to the rear means avoidance. It turns out that the group is shown images of smoking ban, after more pleased to linger to see images associated with smoking, such as ashtrays and cigarettes.

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