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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beware, Obesity can Contagious

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Health-Net: Obesity is not only unhealthy for you but also it's can be contagious. According to study, those who are slender but make friends with someone who was fat, then the trim can come fat. And conversely, those who are fat can be thin if you make friends with who were thin, like a contagious virus.

Researcher Nicholas Christakis of Harvard University and James Fowler of the University of California examined data collected about heart health for 32 years. The result, they found that when two fat people and skinny friends for a long time, then a thinner, weight tends to rise by 57 percent from time to time.

The study also revealed, one overweight, 40 percent possibility siblings are overweight. Whereas if two married couples, one of them fat, then one will go 37 percent fat.

The factor is based on their research, its influence is greater than genetic factors. I think our findings reinforced the fact that people are connected, then their health is interconnected, Christakis said as quoted by The Daily Mail on Sunday May 1, 2011.

The study shows that everyone is interdependent with other people. However, they do not explain how two people can influence the habits of each other.

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