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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sleeping Too Long Cause Adverse Effects on Brain Function

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Health-Net: Night's sleep eight hours a day will make you wake up more refreshed in the morning. You would be more sprightly face in everyday activities. However, different benefits will be felt by those who sleep more than eight hours a night.

According to a study conducted the University of London, sleeping too long can cause adverse effects on brain function. As many as eight percent of respondents who slept more than eight hours, scores poorly on tests of theory. Similarly, as reported by Cosmopolitan, on Thursday May 05, 2011.

In fact, sleeping habits of more than eight hours performed continuously, the brain will be seven years old. That is why some people who sleep as much as 10 hours of feeling very tired when you wake up.

So, how many hours the time is ideal for someone to sleep? University of London researchers say, seven hours.

For those who slept seven hours is what gets the best value in test theory. Such as that published the Daily Mail.

But a study conducted by the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania said, eight hours is the ideal number for someone to sleep.

As published in the New York Times, Those who sleep eight hours, do not do anything wrong on the theory test.

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