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Friday, May 6, 2011

Facial Massage for Face Aging

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Health-Net: Do you feel young enough after using antiaging products? Do not be trigger happy because the application of the less precise it will slow down its effectiveness. So, add it is with facial massage.

In the field of beauty, the serum is a liquid material that most of the ingredients are amino acids and its use is directly applied to the skin. Compared to a cream or lotion, serum proved to be more rapidly absorbed into the skin.

Indeed, serum has proven benefits, but do not forget also the proper way to apply, namely with acupressure massage. Here are the steps:
  1. Paste the serum at 5 points, including the chin, right cheek, left cheek, forehead, and nose.
  2. Apply evenly by tapping it from the bottom up, such as start and hold your chin to the forehead. Do it gently and slowly, with an emphasis that is not too hard.
  3. Tap the parts of the face that has been applied to serum.
  4. Press the temple with the tip of one finger for 30 seconds-2 minutes as acupressure points.
This facial massage serum absorption function makes it easier, faster, and maximum, accelerate blood circulation, tightens skin, disguising fine lines wrinkles, and make relax your skin.

How long until absorbed serum allowed other beauty products can be applied? With facial massage technique that helps absorption, moisturizer can be applied directly. Serum should be taken twice daily, morning and night.

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