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Friday, May 6, 2011

7 Motivation That Can Help you to not Lazy to Walk

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Health-Net: Walking and jogging is the best fitness exercises known to man. This sport is easy and does not need to pay to perform. Unfortunately, there are reasons that make people lazy to do it. Need to motivate yourself to not lazy to walk.

Key to want to do any fitness program is motivation. Motivation is the fuel to be able to lose weight.

Here are 7 motivation that can help you to not lazy to walk every day, as reported by Lifemojo on Friday May 6, 2011:

1. Trying a new walking route
When bored with the old route makes you lazy to walk, try a new route that has not previously been passed. With a new environment and scenery that can cause you forgot the middle of exercising.

2. Count your steps
Counting your steps when walking can be a way to get rid of boredom while on foot. When the trouble to count them, you can use a pedometer or a tool to count footsteps.

3. Invite a friend or spouse
Invite a friend or spouse that you are more motivated. There are friends to chat while walking can make you forget was walking and exercising.

4. Join a walking club
Better yet, if you have more than 1 friend while walking. Join the club will make you meet with people who have the same motivation. It is also good to socialize and make new connections.

5. Remind yourself of the benefits obtained
So many benefits gained by your diligent walking, among others, help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, strengthens bones and joints, reducing the risk of heart disease, and reduce the risk of diabetes.

6. Choose the best time
Choosing the best time is one way to motivate you. Some people choose to walk in the morning, others prefer to walk at night or after dinner to relieve tension and relax.

7. Reward yourself
If you reach a goal, reward yourself with something interesting, such as clothes, shoes or a new movie that appeals to you.


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