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Monday, May 9, 2011

Marriage Could Reduce The Risk of Stokes Disease

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Health-Net: Tel Aviv University study has recently revealed another benefit of marriage. Studies presented in the American Stroke Association International Conference that concluded the marriage could reduce the risk of stokes disease.

There is tremendous power of love in a relationship, said Professor Uri Goldbourt. You are including a variety of partners in marriage.

Uri did a study of men with an average age of 49 years. They were asked to fill out questionnaires about their socioeconomic status, blood pressure and lifestyle.

This research attempts to evaluate the respondents who died of sroke next decades with the data that have been taken earlier. We did not expect any significant relationship between stroke with marriage, said Uri.

The results showed a bachelor higher risk of stroke about 64 percent compared to the married. But keep in mind the quality of healthy marriage is also important, he said.

Apparently, Uri add, happily married men but not proved to have a risk of stoke attack about 64 percent compared to married men.

Mel Merritt of the relationship charity Relate to support the research. Quality of public relations has a major influence on many aspects of life including health, he said.

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