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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drinking Coffee Can Help Women to Overcome Stress

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Health-Net: Time for a career change women drink their coffee herbal tea if they want to do a better job in the office.

A study by psychologists at Bristol University found caffeinated coffee increased ability to overcome stressful situations. However, the opposite occurs in men.

Men become less confident and slower to complete the task after they drank a few cups of coffee.

The results, published in The Journal of Applied Social Psychology mentions coffee give a different effect on women and men when they are in stressful situations.

A total of 64 people men and women are recruited and then they each pair with a friend of the same sex. Each pair was given a complicated task, including negotiating, solving problems and given the task of considering an issue.

In order to stress arise, they were told to make a presentation about their tasks.

They were then given a caffeinated and non caffeinated coffee, and researchers observed their behavior.

The researchers found a man's ability to work under stress weakens after drinking caffeinated coffee. Visible, they are slower 20 seconds in completing tasks than men who drank decaffeinated coffee. Conversely, women are able to complete the task faster after 100 seconds given a caffeinated coffee.

The researchers concluded coffee gives a different effect on men and women as they deal with stress. Men tend to show the attitude of fighting, while women tend to be able to work together to solve the problem.

The researchers conclude serve coffee in large quantities in a meeting would not be good for men. The man could inadvertently sabotage their colleagues in times of stress, the report quoted from the study.

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