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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Iron Deficiency cans Cause Chronic Cough

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Health-Net: If you are a woman and often suffer from chronic cough, try to check your iron levels. Who knows you're short. What to do? A recent study done by researchers in Italy indicates the number of women with chronic cough was also an iron deficiency. In addition to chronic cough medicines, they also require iron supplements to overcome a stubborn cough.

The study, presented at a scientific meeting of The American College of Chest Physicians in Chicago revealed, iron deficiency may be the answer to many cases of chronic cough in healthy women and not smoking.

The test is conducted on women with chronic coughs and iron deficiency showed that iron supplementation can reduce the complaints of chronic cough, said Dr. Caterina Bucca and colleagues at the University of Turin.

Bucca added, cases of chronic cough is not clear why tend to be more prevalent in women than men. In fact, iron deficiency is also more often experienced by women, especially during pregnancy and menstruation. Bucca and his team then combine these two conditions and find out the relationship between the two. In addition, immune function can also be affected by iron deficiency, as indicated by low iron levels or sometimes directly refer to the iron deficiency anemia.

According to the studied 16 women with chronic cough, The 16 women were actually having lung function is normal, with no symptoms of asthma or other respiratory disorders, and no evidence of gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), which can lead to cough. However, the 16 women had a similarity of conditions, namely iron deficiency. In addition, there is also a red swelling on the back of the mouth due to inflammation of mucous membranes. Vocal cords they are also very sensitive so it is easier to cough or suffer shortness of, say after laughing out loud.

Bucca give a reason, considering that iron helps regulate the production of proteins in the immune system that helped control the inflammation, so iron deficiency might make the upper airways more easily inflamed, eventually leading to the occurrence of chronic cough. He plans to study further, but he still advised the physicians that care for women with chronic cough to check the levels of iron.

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