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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hormone Therapy Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis

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Health-Net: Depression occurs when the stress experienced by a person not persisted. Clinical symptoms of depression include feeling depressed mood, loss of interest, loss of energy, loss of confidence, pessimism, hopelessness, sleep disturbances, and appetite disorders.

Therapy to relieve symptoms of depression syndrome is required for this problem does not grow more severe. In addition to medical therapy, depression is comprehensive. Patients with depression should be given psychotherapy, like cognitive therapy, behavioral, psychodynamic, group therapy.

Because depression is osteoporosis risk factors, people with depression are also given hormones estrogen replacement therapy are missing.

Depression may occur when premenstrual disorder, postpartum depression, or entering menopause. In addition to the use of drugs to overcome depression symptoms, also given hormone therapy to rebalance the hormonal instability.

When you enter menopause also given estrogen replacement therapy (hormone replacement therapy). Giving hormone therapy is expected to reduce the risk of osteoporosis included in the silent disease. If not get the right treatment or condition continues, will cause fracture bone.

When someone is known to experience depression, although the level of medium, will likely be at risk of losing bone mass that causes a fracture, so it's important to get more attention.

The sooner know as early as possible, the better and reduce the risk of fractures. That women's depression is likely to experience the same fracture risk as women's menopause.

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