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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fishing Therapy good for Mental Hospital Patients

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Health-Net: Got a hobby of fishing seems to good to maintain your mental health. Even two Mental Hospital in Scotland using fishing therapy to improve mental health patients.

Fishing therapy may still rarely heard, but this therapy has been applied in two Psychiatric Hospital in Scotland, namely in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Patients at both hospitals are able to get the benefits of fishing therapy, which is known for having soothing and therapeutic benefits (nature therapy)

Staff at Leverndale and Dykebar Mental Health Hospital therapy nifty hobby sport fishing from their own ideas. Nursing assistant from John Kelly of Leverndale, and David Porter and Mark Aitchison from Dykebar is the person who originally had the idea.

We all found the fishing very therapeutic and think that some of our patients will benefit from fishing therapy, said John Kelly of Leverndale Mental Health Hospital, as reported by MSN on Tuesday MAy 31, 2011.

They hope to fishing therapy will not only make the patient relaxed and calm, but also will help reduce the stigmatization of the environment.

We work the with patients who have survived with mental health problems and long-term life limiting their condition. We want to do something to improve their quality of life and provide changes to their daily routine, added Kelly.

The idea of Kelly and his colleagues get a very good response from their manager. It quickly helps build our plans and the results have exceeded our expectations, said Kelly.

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