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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stress Not Increase the Risk of Multiple Scelorosis

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Health-Net: Journal of Neurology published the results of their research related to an increased risk of multiple scelorosis (ms symptoms). Results of a survey of tens of thousands of people to conclude stress is not the trigger of this disease.

multiple scelorosis (ms symptoms) is a disease that attacks the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord or spinal cord) that result in deterioration of all functions of the five senses. Until now the researchers as if racing to find the cause of this unknown disease.

These results do not support the primary role of stress in the progression of the disease, wrote the journal that published on Monday May 30, 2011. The journal also emphasizes stress measure excluded as the potential risk of multiple ms symptoms diseases.

They have researched 150 thousand women. But, researchers could not rule out a connection stressful events and the impact on body systems and disease.

Previous research conducted in 1976 and 1989 to diagnose the type of disease. There were 161.5 thousand nurses in the two groups examined stress levels in the workplace, the issue of physical abuse, and childhood.

As a result, during 2004-2005 the first group of 77 people diagnosed with ms symptoms and suffer from a second group of 292. The second group is quite high because they have the disease diagnosed before the study.

An estimated 400 thousand people in the United States affected by ms symptoms. No matter how stress at home and at work, was not associated with this disease.

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