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Friday, April 29, 2011

High Emotions Can Cause Body Odor

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Health-Net: Self confidence is much influenced by things that are emotional and feeling, both from themselves and external factors.

In addition, stress, emotion, humidity, heat, light and movement can cause the appearance of perspiration. The other emotions, such as laughing and crying, also cause emotional sweat. Excessive sweating coupled with humid conditions in the folds of the body that preferred by the bacteria will make the unpleasant odor that affects confidence.

Sweating can not be avoided by everyone, especially it is a sign of a healthy body. However, the sweat that causes odor will actually hurt our performance. If reducing the odor of sweat, women should avoid fibrous food.

Therefore, this fiber foods will make the metabolism in the stomach became worse and eventually led to the burning smell bad. "Meat and food that has a sharp smell, like garlic, onions, and onions, will affect the unpleasant odor of sweat that comes out of the body. To reduce the smell of sweat that, you have a lot to consume all the fruits and vegetables.

Please also be aware that too much sweat that comes out could indicate a person suffering from a disease. To that end, Hannah went on, usually the doctor will perform a search history, if there is no indication of systemic disorders. After that, proceed with the physical testing laboratory in accordance with the abnormalities that occur, whether in the thyroid gland or in the heart.

One source of emotional appearance of excessive sweat is real conflict we experience ordinary daily. Conflicts in everyday life can not be avoided, especially in the world that demands professionalism, such as offices.

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