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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Women are more at risk of adverse effects of alcohol

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Health Net: Alcohol does have adverse effects on health, but in fact women are more at risk of these adverse effects.
After a woman trapped in alcohol for 4 years, a decrease in brain serotonin system function will be obvious. Whereas in men, decreased function takes 12 years before it can be seen clearly. Whereas serotonin serves to regulate the function of impulse control and mood.

As proclaimed by Machinelikeus on Wednesday November 16, 2011, the conclusion is obtained through a study of a group of men and women with alcohol dependence, which conducted the Department of Psychology with the Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

We have known neuroendocrine technique to show that alcohol can lower serotogenik system functions in the brain. Serotogenik system has a function, among others, worked regulate impulse control and mood, said Kristina Berglund, scientists from the Department of Psychology and representatives of groups of scientists.

Both men and women can suffer ill effects, but adverse effects of alcohol more quickly seen in women.

The damage is as serious for women and men, but a different time span. It is important to note. Although there are studies that show brain damage caused by alcohol can be recovered after leaving alcohol in a given time, we still have not found whether serotonin system can improve him, explains Ulf Berggren from the Sahlgrenska Academy.

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