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Monday, October 3, 2011

2 Million British men experience menopause

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Health Net: Menopause has long been regarded as a reason men behave badly in middle age.

But, the doctors claimed yesterday the male menopause is real and affects more than two million British men. Conditions that can also be cured.

In an international conference yesterday revealed that fear of treatment by increasing testosterone levels will increase the likelihood of prostate cancer is a myth.

Experts hope the findings of University College London, it will raise awareness of the condition of menopause in men and to persuade more doctors to the benefits of that treatment.

Dr. Malcolm Curruthers, coauthor of the study, said the suffering of male menopause can easily preventable and treatable.

Testosterone deficiency not only causes symptoms that can ruin your life since the men aged 40's, but he was also associated with heart disease, diabetes and brittle bones.

Some people even start connecting with Alzheimer's disease as well.

Male menopause, testosterone deficiency syndrome called, to distinguish it from the version of women, affecting one in five men over 50.

But the young men can also suffer from fatigue, depression, weight gain, whole mind, memory and loss of libido and sleep disruption caused by the declining sex hormones.

Earlier this year, Robbie Williams, 37, shocked her fans by admitting she injected testosterone to increase sex drive.

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