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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sheep Placenta Can Eliminate Wrinkles for 5 Months

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Health-Net: Botox injections are not the only instant solution to overcome the wrinkles on the face. A doctor in the UK offers an alternative that is not less potency with Botox, which injects the placenta or umbilical cord that comes from sheep.

Alternative therapies to cope with wrinkled skin is introduced by Dr Roberto Viel, a surgeon in Harley Street, London. With the price of 600 pounds each injection, the effect can last a long time up to 5 months.

It is not as simple as injecting Botox, but also not too complicated because it only takes about 30 minutes. The equipment used is also not as simple as Botox, because it must use a special roller that has little spikes on its surface.

When patients come to be treated, first of all will face smeared local anesthetic cream to relieve pain during an injection. Afterwards, Dr Viel will apply carian sheep placenta in the face and then rub gently with a spiked roller.

The results are amazing, I feel like doing facials 12 times at the same time, said a 36 year old patient, Aimee Lopez origin as quoted from Dailymail Brighton Tuesday July 5, 2011.

Dr Viel explained placenta therapy is in principle only injecting proteins to stimulate the formation of natural collagen in the skin. The function of proteins in the placenta is said to resemble stem cells or stem cells, which will improve the cells that die due to the aging process.

For matters of alternative therapies, Dr Viel's not just this time make a unique innovation. In 2008, she and her team at the clinic introduced the therapy for excessive sweating that previously could only be treated with Botox injections in the armpit that it was very painful.

Instead, Dr Viel uses ultrasonic waves that are fired on the sweat glands to reduce its activity. Therapy called Vaser system is claimed to yield a more permanent and certainly not painful.

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