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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parasites in cats anticipated can increase the risk of brain cancer

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Health-Net: Toxoplasmosis parasite often found in cat feces and can be attached anywhere and transmitted to humans. Not just dangerous for pregnant women, this parasite is also suspected to increase the risk of brain cancer in people who are infected.

A study conducted by experts from the CNRS Institute in Montpellier reveals, countries with high Toxoplasmosis infection rates tend to have more cases of brain cancer. Though the results of these observations have been adjusted by other factors, including income levels.

In animals, Toxoplasmosis infection had been shown to affect the brain. In addition to trigger cancer, parasitic infections also cause behavioral changes, such as in mice so have no fear, so easily torn to pieces and eaten by cats.

While in humans, has been assessed pregnant women at risk just because it feared could be fatal to the health of the fetus. With the latest research results, then the adults can also have an increased risk of fatal infection caused by Toxoplasmosis.

However, the researchers claimed to have seen only an association but not yet proved that the Toxoplasmosis parasite cat litter is the trigger cancer in the brain. However, to conclude that there should be more research.

At least by knowing the relationship between toxoplasmosis with brain cancer, there are greater opportunities to reduce the risk of brain cancer, said one researcher, as quoted from Thomas Frederich Dailymail.

To reduce the risk of Toxoplasmosis infection in humans, the researchers advised to frequently clean the cats and other pets. Also, avoid eating undercooked meat and inhaling dust or anything that may be contaminated with cat feces.

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