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Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 Simple Ways to overcome the headache

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Health-Net: Nearly 90 percent of people experiencing headaches problems once or twice a year. Headaches and even become the second largest reason for someone to visit the doctor.

Many things that cause headaches, and many medicine on the market to cure it. But, before taking painkillers head, there are alternative ways to ease it. As quoted from the pages of Modern Mom, these 4 simple Ways to overcome the headache.

1. Consumption of caffeine
Did you know that small amounts of caffeine can help reduce pain, including mild headache? Caffeine can help relieve headaches with blocking the receptors of the brain called adenosine, a neurotransmitter that can cause blood vessels to dilate and create pressure. Try drinking a cup of hot water, hot coffee or green tea. But remember, this method is only effective if you consume less than 150 milligrams of caffeine per day.

2. Temperatures therapy
Cold temperatures can restrict blood flow, which can help relieve pain. Using cold compresses can also help you relieve a headache. Apply cold compresses on the sore area for about 20 minutes, the headache will subside.

3. Relaxation Techniques
The muscles are tense can trigger headaches. Simple breathing techniques and stretching exercises can make a strained back muscles relaxed so as to relieve headaches. Breathe in deeply and stretch slowly with the motion of the head and shoulders rotate.

4. Improve posture
Did you know that poor posture can trigger a headache? Shoulders hunched, head posture that is too forward and a stiff neck posture can increase the stretch and strain on the nerves. This prevents blood flow and oxygen through the nervous system and can cause headaches and migraines. The good news, improve posture permanently may help alleviate and eliminate headaches.

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