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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Using Magnets to Treat Heart Attacks

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Health-Net: Risk of panic attack or heart attack increases as blood vessel damage due to blood condition that is too thick. Irrespective of drugs commonly prescribed blood thinners doctor, a scientist found a way dilute the blood with a magnet.

Is Professor Rongjia Tao from Temple University in Michigan who inspired the use of magnetic fields to dilute the engine fuel? He successfully pioneered the use of magnetic fields to reduce vikosity fuel for the engine, 2008.

Seeing how the magnetic field in the experiment, he believes the effect is the same in the human circulatory system. Very probably, because the red blood cells contain iron. Closer to the magnetic field on blood vessels can reduce blood viscosity 20-30 percent, Tao said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

After conducting laboratory tests on blood samples, Tao found that the effect of the magnetic field will polarize the red blood cells that are interconnected and form a short chain. Because the chain is larger than single blood cells, they move more freely. The effects can be lowered blood viscosity.

By choosing a suitable magnetic field strength and determine the duration of therapy, we will be able to control the size of blood cells that form chains and automatic control of blood viscosity, he said.

Tao hopes this finding could be an alternative to avoid the use of drugs blood thinners like aspirin which often produce side effects worse. Not only safe, use a magnetic field will not affect the function of red blood cells.

Publish its findings in the journal Physical Review E, Tao wants to improve his research. He dreamed that this could develop into a potent therapy to reduce heart attack disease.

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