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Thursday, June 9, 2011

8 Causes that can cause Acne

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Health-Net: Acne can make someone not confident and sometimes become stressful. To know how to overcome acne must be known what acne causes. Here it is the things that can make symptoms of acne.

Acne-growing parts of the body wherever it can make the scene become unpleasant. Here are 8 causes that can cause acne, as quoted from Lifemojo on Thursday June 9, 2011:

1. Overactive oil glands
Known as the sebaceous gland is located deep within the skin but is connected to a canal called a follicle which contains the hair. If the overactive sweat glands, the oil produced is also excessive, so cover up the pores and trigger acne.

2. Stress
One of the physiological effects of stress is the hormonal changes which can theoretically lead to acne. And stress can aggravate the injury causes acne.

3. Bacterial infections
The bacteria propionibacterium acnes are a normal inhabitant of skin using before as nutrients. People with acne are known to have more number of bacteria, and to form free fatty acids increase inflammation in the follicle.

4. Genetic
Person's genetic makeup affects the level of oil production in the skin, so that played a role in triggering acne.

5. Blockage of skin pores
Acne occurs when skin pores are clogged so that soap can not get out of the skin. The most common stopper is the result of blackheads, either black or white.

6. Inflammation
Red skin, swelling and discomfort are the characteristics of inflammation. In inflammatory acne can be caused by bacteria or toxic substances are produced.

7. Hormonal Effects
Acne hormonal imbalance not only experienced if the teens but also in adults. Acne causes by the production of androgen hormones that stimulate the sebaceous glands.

8. Hair follicle anatomy
Certain forms of hair follicle anatomy can make acne prone skin because it makes the dead skin cells get stuck in it. This accumulation will clog the surface pores that lead to small bumps and pimples.

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