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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exercising with empty Stomach not effective to burn fat

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Health-Net: The desire to be thin fast, some people exercising on an empty stomach, Though this is not an effective way to burn fat, the muscles will shrink because it is used more calories derived from protein combustion.

The notion that exercising on an empty stomach to maximize fat burning is quite reasonable at first glance. If the stomach is filled before exercise, the calories used to disproportionately from food and not the result of burning fat.

However, recent research published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal pointed out, burning fat is not increased despite not eating before exercise. The amount of fat burned just the same as when exercise was preceded by eating enough.

When not eating, calories used to produce energy during exercise are not entirely derived from burning fat. Some of them actually come from the combustion of protein, which are the most dominant elements that make up muscle tissue.
In that study, researchers looked at a number of burning calories cycling athletes who are asked to exercise on an empty stomach. Observations showed that 10 percent of calories derived from burning a protein that makes muscles shrink.

According to the study, eating before exercise is more advisable from time was not too close together. Excerpted from the NYTimes on Wednesday June 28, 2011, exercise on an empty stomach is more effective to lose weight and even more negative effects.

While in another study, eating before exercise actually provide more benefits, especially in women, which is not hungry faster. According to research conducted in 2002, the consumption of 45 grams of carbohydrate before exercise can maintain satiety for longer throughout the day.

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