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Monday, June 27, 2011

Chewing Gum can help the Colon Cancer Recovery

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Health-Net: Chewing gum could actually help cancer patients recover quickly after their intestinal surgery. Doctors at a hospital in London, England, suggested to the colon cancer patients to chew gum with sugar low so that their digestive systems back to normal so quickly recovered.

Research shows that patients who had undergone surgery two days of bowel cancer could quickly return if the chewing gum. Chewing gum also helps the mother who is recovering from a caesarean, as well as patients undergoing abdominal surgery. Before digestion they recover, they can experience severe cramps.

Once there the study, surgeons at University College London hospitals ask patients to undergo colon cancer surgery to provide a stock of gum. They have to chew gum three times a day, each within an hour, after undergoing surgery.

Pages of The Telegraph on Sunday June 26, 2011, wrote that many patients who undergo surgery to benefit after chewing gum. Consultant surgeon, Alastair Windsor, said the general, patients take a long time to recover after surgery because their digestive system is asleep.

It seems that chewing gum can trigger the saliva, which can turn on enzyme production in the pancreas which then triggers the digestion becomes active again, said Windsor.

Generally, the patient liked the way it is because they feel to do something to help them quickly recover. Not known how quickly chewing gum may help recovery, but that does not mean it that way is underestimated.

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