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Friday, June 3, 2011

Adults Experiencing Stress 36 minutes a day

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Health-Net: A person may experience stress almost every day. In fact, according to the survey, adults feel stressed or desperate 36 minutes a day. On average, the things that cause them to feel anxious and eventually lead to stress, ranging from debt problems to a disappointing sex life.

Results of a survey conducted Everyman Campaign, a movement of concern for the prevention of prostate cancer in the UK, reveals, 36 minutes of feeling the stress experienced every day the equivalent of nine full days every year, or one year and a half during a lifetime. Problem of cost of living and weight gain became the top cause of stress.

The survey was conducted in England involving 2,000 people aged between 18 and 65 years. Four in 10 people feel depressed because of debt, a quarter of survey participants admitted feeling anxious because his life is not perfect. Then, one of five people feel uneasy because of their family members fall ill.

The researchers found that severe stress can be experienced by many people who can not concentrate at work and not getting adequate sleep.

One out of ten respondents said they feel stressed for more than two hours a day. Meanwhile, one of two people feel very anxious with a lot of things that have affected the health.

Dizziness think about the cost of living and many bills are the number one cause of stress in the UK. Money dominates most people's minds. But the interesting, the health problems it is not in top list, said a spokesman for Everyman Campaign.

As many as 86 percent of women known to have severe stress levels than men. One in five people think about house prices and the risk of cancer and one in six people worried about the coming retirement and heavy workload.

Stress problems include fear of parents, and the lack of a biological clock. Three of the 10 people also feel depressed because of the marital relationship, including concerns about the future of their children. One in 20 people also feel the stress of losing a friend.

Nearly half of respondents said they, but a third said they could share stories with anyone about their fears. Meanwhile, one out of ten people feel they can not share the burden of his thoughts on others.

Those who experience stress every day has been known to do things that can cause health conditions deteriorate. One in six people choose to go enjoy a glass of wine to eliminate stress and one in five people chose a relaxed watching television.

Here are 15 things the main cause of stress according to survey results Everyman Campaign, which was launched by the Daily Mail:
  1. Weight loss
  2. Facing the old days
  3. Do not feel financially secure
  4. Too stressed to live on something
  5. Gasoline Prices
  6. Sex life
  7. Personal health problems
  8. How to pay bills
  9. What others think about you
  10. No time to do anything
  11. Social life
  12. Unlike the arguments with spouse
  13. Parents should take care of their aging and
  14. Thinking about children's happiness
  15. Cancer

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