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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4 steps recommended before making a blood donation

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Health-Net: Blood donation is an activity that takes preparation, especially nutrients that can reduce the discomfort that arose thereafter. For that know what needs to be done before blood donation.

Blood donation is a noble activity that could save a lot of people due to lack of blood. But not everyone can do it, because there are several requirements that must be met before making a blood donation.

There are different types of blood including blood donation as a whole but can also just taken his blood platelets or plasma, depending of what the patient needs. Generally, separation of the parts of blood was carried out by officers.

For that there are some steps recommended before making a blood donation, as quoted from the LIVESTRONG on Wednesday June 15, 2011:

1. Drink plenty of water
According to the American Red Cross water is important to make the body stay hydrated. In addition, water can also increase the activity of the sympathetic nervous system that makes people more alert, increased blood pressure and give more energy. Because blood pressure drop could be a major factor people fainted.

2. Eating foods rich in iron
We recommend a few days before the start of blood donors multiply the consumption of iron, so do not only at breakfast the day just so that the body does not limp. The best sources of iron are animal products because iron is more easily absorbed by the body, such as chicken, beef and fish.

3. Avoiding foods high in fat
If blood is drawn from ordinary people who eat high fat foods will make it difficult to test and evaluation, thus making the blood is difficult to use for research or transfusion. For that avoid margarine, fatty meats, chocolate and fried foods.

4. Eating healthy foods that can improve the quality of blood
Healthy foods will improve blood quality. The recommended foods are fruits with high iron such as plums, beans, lentils, and poultry without skin, wheat bread and milk without the fat.

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