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Friday, May 20, 2011

Secrets of Longevity The World's Oldest Man

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Health-Net: Many people try hard to get to live longer 'longevity'. Starting from the usual things like exercise and healthy living, until strange things are beyond reason. But you know, a prescription human longevity of the oldest man in the world? Apparently not as complicated as we imagine.

Reporting from the page the Daily Mail on Thursday May 19, 2011, Maria Valentim Gomes who was crowned as the oldest man, according to Guinness World Records said that every morning he had breakfast with bread and fruits and occasionally sipping his wine.

Brazilian woman was carrying 114 years old, 313 days older than 48 days from the previous record holder, Besse Cooper from Georgia, USA.

Based on data from Guinness, Maria Valentim Gomes was born on July 9, 1896 at Carangola, Minas Gerais Region Southeast Section, where he lived a lifetime.

Known as Granny Quita, Maria Valentim Gomes family has a stubborn nature. They used to run your own business. His father had lived to age 100 years.

Grandchildren, Jane Ribeiro Moraes, 63, told the local newspaper, My grandmother once said, he could live longer due to always keep myself, not the 'fuss' of others.

In addition, he was having fun eating the traditional foods of Brazil, Feijoada, the warm bean soup with pieces of salted pork, and cake made from processed chicken meat with lots of spicy sauce.

Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records Chief Editor, Valentim is a rare case in Brazil. Knowing there is someone who is still alive, though he was born during the reign of Queen Victoria, or prior to the Ford Motor company was founded, or even before George and Ira Gershwin was born. Being very unusual because he is a Brazilian.

There never was a Brazilian who can live a long life 'longevity', except now, he said.

Guinness actually get some reports about the other candidates who are older, but until now still can not be proved by facts and documentation.

Everyday spent in a wheelchair. The family hope that by the number of attention may help Valentim financial needs for treatment.

According to the family, he gets a little pension. Therefore, for treatment they rely on the public health system as poor families who can not afford private insurance.

Maria Valentim Gomes was married to her husband, Joao, in 1913. Then her husband died in 1946. Now she lives with has one son, four grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, great-grandchildren and five children.

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