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Monday, May 16, 2011

How To Cure Migraines

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Health-Net: The cause of migraine headaches has yet to be ascertained, because of that, there is no cure migraine. In fact, when stricken with a migraine, the head was going to explode like a prick-puncture and sharps, It hurts.

Migraine attacks have managed to not disrupt activity and productivity. You need to figure out the trigger factors of migraine, which can be avoided.

Exercising regularly
If a migraine attack occurs during exercise, record the new activity to do, what you eat before, and the weather that day.

Keeping sleep patterns
Sleeping too much or too little can trigger migraines.

Avoid stress as much as possible
Many sufferers get a migraine after a stressful event.

Keeping your diet
Eat regularly and snacks with snacks. Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners, nitrates, caffeine. Tea, coffee, alcohol, MSG, chocolate is also thought to trigger migraines.

Other triggering factors that should be suspect is the menstrual cycle, intense visual stimuli such as light reflection of sunlight and very bright.

When you are attacked migraine, overcome by means of rest and sleep in a dark room and quiet. Compress the head of the sick with cold water to constrict blood vessels.

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