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Monday, May 23, 2011

Genes Can Affect the Risk of Hepatitis B

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Health-Net: Hepatitis B disease that attacks the liver including the category of severe endemic in Asia. In fact, the death rate from the disease in Asia was ranked fourth.

This is a disease caused by a hepatitis B virus that enters the blood due to exposure to people who suffer from hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B disease, causing liver cells were damaged and could not function properly. This disease is preventable by vaccination of the newborn.

There's a rumor that Hepatitis B can not be cured it is true, but can be treated.

That is, the disease will remain in the body, but hepatitis B symptoms can be treated. If not treated immediately will lead to other diseases and complications. The gene and poverty also contribute to this disease. There is also a certain race are vulnerable to the Hepatitis B disease.

China is more susceptible to hepatitis B because of the influence of genetic, HLA [8], there are genes that have been affected so easily exposed to hepatitis B.

According to Internal Medicine Specialists, the lifestyles and habits also affect the incidence of this disease. For example, Chinese residents in Singapore are more at risk of contracting hepatitis B than in America.

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