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Monday, May 23, 2011

Diet Secret without Feeling Hungry

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Health-Net: The biggest challenge for those who are to lose weight is to resist the hunger, because eating definitely reduced. Healthy snacks of fruit sometimes does not help because of hunger quickly come back.

Nutrition experts say Melina Jampolis hunger is a very common thing felt by those who are on a diet. Our bodies have a very good system for maintaining cell formation and filling of fat cells, so hungry and weight go up, that's wonderful, she said, as quoted from an article published pages CNN health.

But science has answers on how to control hunger and help reduce calorie consumption without decreasing the size of the meal. Satiety started chewing activity, so the calories in the form of solid tended more filling than on liquid calories.

For example, the apple is more filling than apple juice. Therefore, solid food should be chewed, which begins the absorption process and the enzymes that function to absorb the start trigger satiety. The process was slow because the use of calories it takes time to chew on drinking apple juice from apple.

So there are certainly calories consumed from solid food, and less sugary drinks and alcohol, as well as juice, coffee, and beverages containing milk.

Calories from liquid food is not filling, but many foods that contain water such as fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy may help increase the calories in the body without the need to reduce the portions. Foods that can help the process of dilution of calories.

In addition, a soluble fiber with water also helps create a feeling of satiety. For the fiber to form gels with the aid of water while in the stomach, Formation of gel that slows stomach emptying and slows the absorption of sugar in the blood, and preventing hunger come quickly. Good fiber is wheat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Then, calories are also important components to create a feeling of satiety but does not make fat. Protein hormones trigger the release of satiety and help keep blood sugar stable, so it can control hunger. A good source of protein is the product of skinless poultry, fish, lean meats, low fat dairy products, egg whites.

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