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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cigarettes can Produce Dangerous Radiation

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Health-Net: During this society can only know that emits radiation from mobile phones or the nuclear center. But for people who smoke should also be cautious, because smoke may be emits radiation.

Although up to now has not known for sure what the source of the compound of radiation exposure, but the smoker will inhale the radioactive material is continuously which in future will contribute to a large dose of radiation to damage the lungs.

Naturally radioactive minerals accumulate on the sticky surface of tobacco leaves when the plants grow, and this mineral will generally remain in the leaves during the manufacturing process.

In addition, the use of fertilizers that contain lead and polonium for tobacco crops will increase the amount of radiation that may exist in cigarette tobacco, as quoted by the on Tuesday may 17, 2011.

Cigarette smoke also contains elements types of radiation from polonium which was the level of damage from cigarettes is 7 times larger than X-rays and 20-fold from cancer radiation therapy. Especially if the person has been smoking for a long time.

Radium that accumulate in tobacco can emit alpha and gamma radiation that can accumulate in the lungs of smokers for decades. Over time these particles can damage lungs and cause kidney cancer symptoms. This also applies to passive smokers who inhale cigarette smoke.

Radiation outlined from these cigarettes generally do not have an impact in the near term, but will begin to show symptoms due to damage in the body after a few years later.

Besides cigarettes, a few other things can also emits radiation, such as scanners at airports, the X-ray beam to scan the body, but the radiation emitted generally small and not exposed continuously.

This is different from the radiation that comes from smoking and exposure to continuous and generally difficult to stop. This condition must also be considered by the smokers.

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