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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Causes of Failed Diets during the Holidays

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Health-Net: Many people who have failed diet during the holidays because of the temptation to eat from the outside. At least avoid the dieting mistakes that often occur during the holidays.

Vacation can be a challenge for people who are running a diets plan. But there are some that can be done so you do not fail the diets plan during the holidays.

Here are some diet mistakes to be avoided during the holidays, as reported by Lifemojo on Saturday May 21, 2011:

Too refrain
When a holiday is a time that is difficult to avoid temptation, especially related to food. Too resist will only torture you. A better approach is to eat foods that you like small portions.

Drinking excessive alcohol
People, who drink alcohol before a meal, tend to overeat because alcohol can increase appetite. So even though the holidays, you should limit or not at all to drink alcohol.

Emotional Eating
When a holiday not a few people who think the diet is also a holiday, so that eating becomes an emotional and crazy. Avoid eating this way if you do not want excessive weight gain after the holidays.

Skipping breakfast
People who skip breakfast are more likely to snack throughout the day and increase your calorie intake than those who eat breakfast. Although the idea of? No breakfast can be very attractive when someone is trying to lose weight, but it did not work. Do not miss breakfast, because eating anything after waking up can increase metabolism by 10 percent.

Drink plenty of high-calorie sweet drinks
Sweet drinks such as soft drinks, bottled juices, and sweet tea can actually contribute to weight gain. Try to multiply the drinking water and reduce drinking sugary drinks, even during the holidays.

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