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Saturday, May 14, 2011

7 Tips for Choosing a Weight Loss Pills

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Health-Net: Obesity is often a scourge of the problem for everyone because it affects the appearance. While the appearance is the key to one's self confidence to do many things, to that end, has become an obsession to make ourselves appear fresh, healthy life, and slim.

Generally sells a weight loss pills that works by 2 methods. First, pills that central to work in central nervous system by suppressing the appetite, increase satiety, and boost your metabolism so that a person tends to sweat. Types of pills with these methods include Diethylpropion, Mazindol, phentermine, Sibutramin.

Second, pills that works locally, i.e. pills that work by inhibiting intestinal absorption of nutrients such as fat. Then the fat removed when you defecate. Orlistat has a way of working so, and has obtained marketing authorization by the Food and drugs Supervisory Agency.

But before choosing to consume between 2 types of pills, you should follow the 7 tips for choosing a weight loss pills:

1. Contact your doctor
There is no weight loss pills that has no side effects, including anti obesity pills, and even its potential tend to be dangerous. Besides, the use for lose weight will also be dangerous if you are healthy and actually have the ideal body. And later will categorize your doctor to patients who are overweight or have other physiological disorders. Obtaining these pills must be accompanied by a doctor prescription.

2. Report Eating and lifestyle patterns to your doctor
Write down every food you eat. This is necessary because if your diet includes a high fat or low fat. If indeed the cause of high fat then you will be given a fat busting drug classes. If you find that you belong to eat then you will be hooked appetite suppressant. Your doctor who is used to treat this type of drug use will determine whether you need one kind or a combination thereof. Report your lifestyle also includes the type of your work. Do your daily activities? Working in the field or at the office? What kind of exercise do you do? Do you have enough time to sleep?

3. Give the treatment time
This weight loss can not be directly seen, but it requires a process and time. Decrease 2-3 kg requires changes in diet, lifestyle and regular exercise. This sometimes causes people to decide that the drug does not work in the first 1 month, whereas the drug should only give results after the second month. You should consult with your doctor how long it should take this drug and determine the observation time is more or less for at least 1 month.

4. Do not affected by advertisement
We recommend that you complete the treatment until completion and you must drink regularly and routinely. Do not let you break the medication before consulting with a doctor at the pharmacy. Because you can just throw too much money to repeat the treatment from the beginning.

5. Consider the consumption of other weight loss pills
Some medicines can affect your weight if consumed regularly, for example: class corticosteroids, antidepressant, minor tranquilizer, anti panic, sulfonylurea, antipsychotic, or the most frequent causes of obesity are birth control pills. So you should report all medications you are currently carried out to your doctor. Besides, by knowing what medicines you are taking to avoid unwanted drug interactions of the drug.

6. Learn how many calories you need daily
Counting calories is needed to determine how and what you should eat to lose weight. If you want to lose weight you can reduce the number of calories you eat.

7. Find out whether you have a disease and genetic factors that influence
Hipothtiroid, Cushing syndrome and insulin resistance can lead to obesity, for that you should check and consult with your doctor. Because the causes of obesity not only from the number of intake of the nutrients we eat.

You should know that weight loss is not necessarily linear. This means that if your first month down 1 kg, not necessarily the second month fell 2 kg because there are many other factors that determine weight loss.

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